Bochinche & Buzz: April 11, 2018

Exclusive scoops & insider gossip by Gerson Borrero

Hiram’s not running!

A top veteran political insider bochinchero assured me that “Hiram is not running against [Assemblyman] Jeff Aubry or anyone else.” Not even for District Leader, according to the bochinchero..

Then why did he have State Senator José Peralta at his political club? “Whether it bothers some regulars or some media folks, the people still like and vote for Hiram. He still matters in Queens politics.”

Yesterday, I tweeted that Peralta’s strongest challenge comes from Jessica Ramos. She - like former NYC Council Member Julissa Ferreras - worked for Hiram Monserrate. However, it’s not yet known whether Ramos, who left Mayor de Blasio’s administration to run against the then member of the now defunct Independent Democratic Conference will go to Hiram’s Democratic club in the East Elmhurst and Corona neighborhoods of Queens.

Bottom line is, do either Peralta or Ramos want Monserrate's endorsement or are they just seeking to keep him neutral? Stay tuned!

Leaving Blake alone...I think

George Alvarez has decided not to challenge Assemblyman Michael Blake in a Democratic primary in the 79th AD. The challenger, who has the support and was initially encouraged by the notorious and polemic Rubén Díaz, Sr., met with Blake last Saturday afternoon at a deli near Yankee Stadium in The Bronx.

The bochinchero who spoke to B&B said, “The forty minute meeting was tense and didn’t end up in a cordial manner.” When asked to elaborate, the bochinchero said: “Blake is arrogant. He thinks that as an incumbent he shouldn’t be challenged. Blake is lucky the Reverend's [Díaz] recommendation to George was that he not run.” Wait a minute, coñazo. It was Díaz that egged Alvarez on. “Yes. And he would have supported him if he had decided to challenge Blake.”

So, all is ok? “No. They were both hypocritical. Blake wound up getting pissed off because Alvarez is supporting a candidate against John Tucker.” 

Who?! “That’s one of Blake’s district leaders.” 

So even though they shook hands and embraced, Alvarez is pissed off that Blake still hasn’t called the Reverend to say gracias.” And according to the bochinchero, this proves that Blake is "also an arrogant ingrate."

So, for now, Blake doesn’t get a primary and has more time to spend traveling for the DNC instead of serving the people who he’s allegedly representing in Albany. Desgracia!

It’ll be Molinaro for NYS GOP

A few mainline Republicans are feeling that 2018 is definitely not their best year. I'm not talking about Washington, DC. Nope. It’s right here in the Empire State.

Despite that prevailing sentiment among bochincheros, we’ve spoken with some who have hope. One GOP bochinchero who’s no fan of State Senator John DeFrancisco, said: “He is one of  the most aloof republicans in the Senate. That’s why he isn't the Majority Leader.“ 

The no amor for DeFrancisco Republicano says, “He [DeFrancisco] hated all the downstate and Long Island senators and said they were not real Republicans. Hates the city. So ef him!”

A similar sentiment was expressed by a less talkative Republican. That bochinchero agreed that, “We will have [Marcus] Molinaro. He is a good guy. Very genuine.”

By the way, both Republicans told B&B that they have donated to Molinaro.

But one of them is realistic and laments that with Ed Cox as Chairman of the NY GOP, “We haven't won a statewide seat since he was named chair and will probably lose the Senate for the second time under his watch.”

So, while they may not beat Andrew Cuomo in November, they will have a credible campaign with Molinaro talking issues and the grand ol' party being proud of its standard bearer.

Let’s see what happens at the GOP convention...