Bochinche & Buzz: January 15, 2018

Exclusive scoops & insider gossip by Gerson Borrero

Unpredictable outcome in the 11th CD GOP primary

Michael Grimm may be among the most undesirable candidates to come out of Staten Island in recent times. Pero, given the serial offender that we have as POTUS, the former FBI agent, member of Congress and ex con may have a real chance at rejoining the swamp. “He has a depth of support while Donovan has a breadth,” a well versed Republican bochinchero said recently. One logical GOPer among those involved in the politics of the 11th CD tells me that: “if there’s high turnout, it goes Donovan’s way.” However, the bochinchero points out that Grimm “had seven thousand or so voters that will definitely show up in a primary.”

And since there’s no way José to predict what will happen come May/June, this could really go either way, opine the safe-betting bochincheros. The one difference here is that “it’s the only political race that week and will be billed as a test of a felon-turned Trump Republican versus a moderate establishment candidate who also didn’t prosecute the Eric Garner cop.” This political drama should get mucho national media ojos all over it.

Place your bets, kids.

Habemus Caucus...

Well, they almost have it even though they're still deciding what to name it. “Conservative” is not gonna be it. But among the six to eight New York City Council members who are considering joining a conservative-leaning caucus, the group is inclined to go with “Common Sense Caucus." That’s the name that a deep throat bochinchero in the municipal legislature told me is gaining traction as the favorite. 

“Using the word 'conservative' makes some feel like we’ll get branded and negative press.” No shit, Sherlock! Well at least these hombres are thinking of all possibilities. So far, I’m told that the “caucus” will include the following Council Members: Kalman Yeger, Rubén Díaz, Sr., Fernando Cabrera, Mark Treyger, Mark Gjonaj, Eric Ulrich, Steven Matteo, and Joseph Borelli. 

Oy vey, so much drama.

Latinos Still being ignored by Mayor de Blasio and NYC gobierno

Buzz is that the City's latest employment data shows that Latinos make up less than 20 percent of the municipal workforce. That’s no bueno or fair. And we spoke to a bochinchero who saw the new figures that will soon be put out in a report by the National Institute for Latino Policy (NILP). 

According to the bochinchero, the Latino employment in New York City government reveals, among other findings, the following issues:  1) Latino under-representation in the municipal workforce remains a problem, and the data on new hires indicates that the de Blasio Administration continues to ignore the disparity, which represents about a billion dollars for the excluded trabajadores. 2) City agencies remain racially segregated, with the continued existence of predominantly White and Black agencies.  3) The majority of Latino municipal employees are hombres. This is in contrast with Blacks, where mujeres are in the majority.  4) Black over-representation in the municipal workforce indicates that it is possible to address employment discrimination in the municipal workforce, at least in lower levels of employment. 

“It’s just more of the same," a non-Latino bochinchero told me. Adding that, “It’s amazing how Latino elected officials take this crap year after year,” said the seasoned New York political player. They and other leaders, quite frankly, have done crapola about this for decades. It must be that we like que nos jodan.