Bochinche & Buzz: February 28, 2018

Exclusive scoops & insider gossip by Gerson Borrero

Cuomo has an Achilles heel...don’t laugh they really believe it

A bochinchero who’s very close to NYS GOP Chairman Ed Cox told me in a recent conversation: “Cuomo is more vulnerable than ever and we’re not going to waste our shot.” I couldn’t help myself from asking, “with DeFrancisco?!” Without blinking, the enthusiastic bochinchero responded “You’re going to be surprised how good a candidate he’s going to be against Cuomo.” Ha!

Before I could break it to the guy that Cuomo’s not going to lose any sueño worrying about the Republican candidate, the bochinchero began a litany of Cuomo’s flaws. From excessive spending on projects that are for the most part a waste of taxpayer dinero, to the promises of new industries or jobs that haven’t materialized - flaws he believes if repeated in an ad, could have the tag line: “He doesn’t deliver, stupid!” 

The Republican’s enthusiasm culminated with the ongoing trial of Joe Percoco. More of the same bochinche we’ve all already heard. The bochinchero salivated about how the six-week trial has had the guv as a non-indicted co-conspirator. “That hangs over Cuomo’s neck regardless of the outcome of the trial.” 

The parting declaration from the republicano: “We’re going to pull it all together at our convention. This is going to be a race.” The Republican Chairman’s amigo must really be smoking some good yerba!

SOMOS has Ana Navarro...but no Cuomo or Rosselló

The buzz I heard was that both Governors Andrew Cuomo of New York and Ricardo Rosselló of Puerto Rico would be present in Albany for the upcoming SOMOS conference to take place March 9-11. Initially, a bochinchero told me that Cuomo, in addition to the customary Friday afternoon Governor’s Mansion reception, would also address conference attendees at the Saturday evening gala banquet. Another insider then hinted that the gobernador of Puerto Rico would also address the conference at a luncheon on Saturday. “They may even do it together since they play so well in joint appearances,” said the bochinchero. 

“Not happening,” is the response I got from a top bochinchero. “There’s no plan to have Rosselló come to Albany. And Cuomo is not doing the banquet,” said the insider bochinchero.

That same bochinchero then told me on Monday as a follow-up to our first conversation, “We do have Ana Navarro as the keynote speaker for the gala.” Navarro is the Democrats’ favorite Republican and a superbly adept Donald Trump basher. I am sure she will have that banquet hall hollering.

“Having Ana is a treat. But I want Governor Cuomo to give us the kind of speech a sitting governor should give in a re-election year,” was the thinking of another bochinchero who’s been attending the SOMOS conference for as far back as I can remember. “Cuomo’s done a lot for Puerto Rico’s recovery, pero nos sigue tomando como un voto seguro.” 

Yup, he sure has done mucho to assist the recovery, and this time more so than ever he’s going to get the boricuas vote. So, I’m not surprised that he won’t say presente.

Nah! Cynthia Nixon to continue BDB’s legacy?

Quick, when was the last time you heard anyone mention Cynthia Nixon running for Governor publicly? It’s been about four weeks. So, when a known political operative - who’s a master bochinchero - told me that “Cynthia Nixon could be the person to carry de Blasio’s agenda,” I started laughing. “I’m serious,” said the provocateur. 

Logic here is that the Neoyorquina actress who’s been openly critical of Andrew Cuomo will continue to bash the Guv and speak out on issues that support Mayor de Blasio’s “progressive” agenda. And not run for Governor. 

According to the bochinchero, with Public Advocate Tish James as the only mujer so far running in the 2021 mayoral free-for-all, Nixon has a shot in what could be a field of at least seven candidates in the Democratic primary for Mayor. And she could get the Mayor’s endorsement - which might be el beso of political muerte. Stay tuned. In the meantime, where are the “Sex In The City” reruns airing these days?