Bochinche & Buzz: April 30, 2018

Exclusive scoops & insider gossip by Gerson Borrero

Nixon’s muchacho is not the first mejicano

Carlos Menchaca may have taken on more than he’s ready for by endorsing Cynthia Nixon for Governor.

Let’s start with accuracy. At minute mark 0:05 of the online endorsement video, the New York City Council member affirms: “Yo soy Carlos Menchaca, el primer mexicano electo en todo el estado de Nueva York.” That’s not true. The first Mexican to be elected in New York State was Roberto López. Señor López was elected to the  New Rochelle City Council in 2003 and served until 2007. Menchaca was born in El Paso, Texas. López was born in Mexico. Maybe the Nixon campaign should correct that.

While we're at it, another relevant fact is that Mexicans are not even a mini bloc of registered voters in Brooklyn, or any part of the Empire State for that matter. “Maybe in 10 years they’ll have to be taken into account as registered voters,” one political operative said. Menchaca was elected in a councilmanic district with a large Puerto Rican vote. And with the strong backing of political heavyweight Congresswoman Nydia Velázquez.

“Que HP este Menchaca,” was the first text message I received from a young bochinchera who happened to be an admirer of the New York City Council Member. The “HP” could stand for “Hijo de Pastor” in Spanish or “hijo de puta,” but in this case, it’s the latter. 

“What a Mother fucker that Menchaca," wrote another bochinchero via text. Similar texts expressing displeasure with the Brooklyn politico’s endorsement of Nixon were sent to me by several activists and a handful of his colegas in politics. When asked if Congresswoman Nydia Velázquez knew about this endorsement or was comfortable with the young político that she’s supported, guided and defended, I was told “She had no knowledge until hours before the endorsement was made public.” 

A bochinchero close to the Congresswoman said, “As far as I can tell, she’s [Velázquez] not pleased. But he’s [Menchaca] his own person and will have to live with the consequences.” Which insiders in Brooklyn are bound to interpret as a message that Menchaca better hope that Nixon wins or else he’s in for a rough ride if her campaign is a bust.  A bochinchero with deep connections in city politics said, “He better hope and pray that Nixon wins. Otherwise he’s not going to have peace in his borough or at the Council.”

Yup, Menchaca closes the video raising his left hand in a fist, saying “Si se puede.” 

For Menchaca's sake, Nixon better beat Cuomo in the September Democratic Primary. Pobrecito.