Bochinche & Buzz: April 5, 2018

Exclusive scoops & insider gossip by Gerson Borrero

Alcántara minus IDC = big problema for Manhattan Dem Org

Now that the Independent Democratic Conference is no longer a factor, State Senator Marisol Alcántara will be a big dolor de cabeza for the Manahattan Democratic County Organization. “County is forced to go with Jackson because it passed a resolution not supporting IDC," was what a well-heeled bochicnhero told B&B several weeks ago.

At the time, the thinking was that Robert Jackson “wins hands down. The math is there for him against Alcántara.” There was also the assurance that “Jackson has literally all the white voters that hate the IDC. It’s like black voters for Rangel but against IDC,” the bochinchero hammered the point.

The confidence in Jackson by one bochinchero was so strong that he went so far as to say that "The black vote from West Harlem and his [Jackson’s] Dominican votes from his City Council days pushes him over to the win.” But that was then. What happens now that Alcántara is no longer an IDC member?

“No matter what she says. Alcántara won’t be able to answer for betrayal. She’ll spend so much time explaining or justifying what is clearly unjustifiable and Jackson will just let her twist in her own BS," a top Manhattan Democrat told me.

I love it when unscripted political machinations are to be payed out with reporters bearing witness to how the making of the sausage got spoiled.

2018 budget circus regrets from some of the wounded

The news cycle is over. Governor Cuomo got his way otra vez. The Empire State’s 2019 budget is history. But even though the guv conducted his victory presser late Thursday evening, New York State legislators didn’t wrap up the process until 4:30 AM on Friday. And not all was copacetic among the handful of resentful Democrats with whom we spoke.

“It was some kind of show,” said a veteran bochinchero assemblyman. “It went from wanting it his [Cuomo's] way, to imposing his own plan on education. From physical ed to the yeshiva thing,” a highly disgruntled down state assembly member said. Another bochinchero opined that “For some this budget doesn’t give the majority any real hope. Child victim act wasn’t dealt with because of the Catholic Church and yeshivas' interest was squashed.”

Another disgruntled but obedient bochinchero made it clear that “Some Budget bills shouldn’t have been approved.” And yet the Westchester County lawmaker didn’t want to give specifics because according to him, “I was somewhat specific about what those items in the budget are and they [the Speaker and the Governor] would or could probably figure out who was complaining.” Not exactly a candidate for valor here.

“The big ugly this year is worst than last year,” was the way another policy maker explained it. “Gerson, the 250 million for NYCHA is a show. It’s the governor’s election year con.”

This bochinchero assemblyman sees it this way: “The extender was off the table. Cuomo had very little room with Cynthia Nixon on his political ass.” If this budget was so bad, why didn’t the Speaker duke it out, I asked. “Carl thinks that if he tells the governor that they’re not going for it, it is a sign of weakness.” I asked how that’s perceived as weakness? “The Governor will tell Carl that he doesn’t have control over his members.”

So, never mind doing what’s best for the people and the state, it’s pleasing Governor Cuomo that matters. Maybe, next year they’ll get their act together. But don’t hold your respiración.

Sepúlveda doesn’t need Cuomo’s endorsement

In the opinion of several bochincheros in The Bronx, “He [ Sepúlveda] doesn’t need the Governor's endorsement.” But that’s what’s happening late afternoon on Friday is that Governor Cuomo will endorse current Assemblyman Luis Sepúlveda (87AD) to fill the vacancy left by former Senator Rubén Díaz in the 32nd District .

“Sepúlveda is a shoe-in. There’s no reason to waste this otherwise valuable endorsement in a non competitive race.” Maybe the Governor wants to do it to show that he’s with every Democrat. “As far as I know this is Sepúlveda who asked to be endorsed. He should’ve saved that ask for a future race,” said the insider bochinchero.

What’s the end game with this Friday dump, unnecessary nod to a non competitive special election? Beats me!