Bienvenidos, all, to this temporary platform. A place where you - followers, friends, foes, and fellow political junkies - can get your fix of all things political, bochinche & buzz, opinion and más by yours truly.
My decision to launch this site was simple: after decades of covering New York politics, I have maintained good working relationships with movers and shakers throughout the big mango. They continue to be generous with bochinche that’s just too good to keep all to myself. The business of covering politics in this town, state and country has kept me youthful and relevant. Working with a new generation of young, budding reporters has left me inspired. Why do I continue to do this work? I have a penchant for uncovering the stories behind the headlines and then spreading those stories far beyond the halls of government, to everyday New Yorkers and beyond.
If you're still reading this, felicidades. You've made it through my welcome page rant. Now, please check out my latest Bochinche & Buzz by clicking on the tab above. Remember, gente, it's all bochinche until it's confirmed.
Por siempre,
Gerson Borrero